Child Care

Child care is the action or skill of looking after children by a day-care center, nannies, babysitter, teachers or other providers.

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Old Care

When caring for the elderly, there are a number of important things you have to take into consideration. As well as the possibility of nursing home care and long-term care, there is an increase in the number of older people who have complex needs.

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Disable Care

A disability is a physical or mental impairment, which has significant and longstanding effects on someone’s ability to carry-out the normal activities of daily living.

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Nanny live-in care

The aim of nanny course is to familiarize students in aspect of the preparation for a career involving the care , development , education and safety of old age , child care , and disable person. A nanny is an individual employed by a family in either a live-in or live –out basis.

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Benefits of MPNA Training:

Our course include a variety of fun and collaborative learning aids. Interactive e-books allow students to highlight, take notes and flag important material, while videos, supplementary reading material, and reflective questions are available to help you prepare for quizzes and exams. We believe in live practical’s and understand caregiving is all about love and affection with voluntary skills . Convenience Our online platform also allows remote access to participants worldwide. Flexibility Rolling admission and flexible scheduling ideal for busy working professionals. Affordability An affordable option to help further your academic knowledge of domestic childcare and oldage care. Value Academic qualifications are highly sought after by many private employers. Our students are placed worldwide and are adequately paid as their skillset is enhanced on international parameters. Professional Nanny Courses Each course will require approximately 60 hours of work that can be completed on your own schedule. All International Nanny Academy courses are easily available for study on your home computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone, making it easy to study while on the go! There is no time limit for you to complete your course, so you can take your time and learn at your own pace. The aim of this course is to familiarize students in all aspects of childcare in preparation for a career involving the care, development, education and safety of children from birth to teens. Moreover, the course also provides insightful information about the profession as a nanny and gives learning tools to prepare for the job. This course intends to further develop students' academic understanding of domestic childcare and Old age care and further dives into specific areas of interest such as maternity nursing, working with 'teenagers' and sleep coaching. The course further focuses on the more challenging aspects of domestic childcare that nannies will often experience such as working with children who have special needs or those who may be going through emotionally difficult situations. It also explores the use of positive discipline practices and discusses various theories of child development. Furthermore following 20 – hour’s introductory courses focus on important core skills for nannies and au pairs.

Why our students are highly preferred as Nanny worldwide?

So much more than a babysitter

Our nannies don’t fit the traditional nanny mold. Hiring a nanny from Mothers pride nannies academy is more like having a private camp counselor for your kids. Even though our nannies are filling normal childcare needs, they go above and beyond to enrich the lives of your kids. Our nannies have a skill set that far exceed that of a traditional childcare provider. Our nannies are…

Nanny Teacher

If you are looking for someone with teaching experience, we have nannies who have undergrad (and even graduate) degrees in education. Some are current teachers who are looking for part-time work in the afternoons, evenings, or weekends.

Nanny + Tutor

We often get requests for nannies who can help with homework after school. We’ve got you covered. Most of our nannies have experience tutoring in some capacity and some specialize in certain subjects depending on their field of study. Coaches Many families want girls who are young and maintain an active lifestyle. Going a step further, we have nannies who played sports at a high school and collegiate level and have experience as youth sports coaches or personal trainers.

Nanny Mentor

Some of our clients aren’t searching for a typical babysitter for their kids but an actual mentor. Whether your kids are lacking positive influences or just need some extra encouragement, we have experienced girls who can help.

Nanny Big Sister

We love recruiting nannies who have volunteered with big sister programs. These young ladies have a heart for youth and pouring into the lives of the next generation. Some of them were involved in these programs as kids and want to give back.

Nanny Role Model

No matter who you end up hiring through Mothers pride nannies academy, we guarantee you’ll be getting a role model for your kids. We only recruit the highest quality, best character young women who are outwardly focused and ready to make a difference in the lives of the people they work with.

Ready to Hire a Nanny from MPNA –leading institute?

“The nanny industry has changed so much in the past 10 years. The picture in most people’s minds of what a traditional nanny looks like has changed as well. Our nannies are breaking through the old stereotypes and showing families that they can expect much more from their childcare and old age care providers .”

Coming to Canada as a Live-in Caregiver (Nanny)​

Live-in caregivers are individuals who are qualified to provide care for children, elderly persons or persons with disabilities in private homes without supervision. Moving to Canada as a nanny is very popular and people love working as nanny in Canada , get lot of experience . Canadian immigration is little bit complicated legal process, especially if you want to migrate using a work visa. For a foreign worker who want to immigrate to Canada as a nanny, the government offers the chance to become a permanent resident after he or she has worked as a caregiver for two years. At this point of time he or she can include his or her family members.


You must have completed the equivalent of Canadian high school education At least 6 months training as a Caregiver. You must be able to speak, read and understand either English or French at a level that allows you to function independently in a home setting. For example, you must be able to contact emergency services if required and to understand labels on medication. A positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from an employer in Canada. A written contract with your future employer, signed by you and the employer. Applicant will have to make an application for an initial live-in caregiver work permit at a visa office outside Canada. How the whole process works:- Do live-in caregiver (Nanny) course in your home country. Start working as nanny in your home country. Clear some Language proficiency test (IELTS etc.) as per Canadian Language benchmark CLB 5. Start finding out employers in Canada, use job sites of Canada Employer interviews and hires you, employer will apply for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Once the LMIA is approved and you have signed contract with your future employer, you can apply for work permit at a visa office outside Canada. Most foreign workers will be required to attend interviews with embassy officials before the visa is granted. This interview is done to ensure that the caregiver’s employment will have no adverse effects on the employment prospects of other caregivers or nannies in the country. Once a work permit is issued, you may be issued TRV upon arrival in Canada at port of entry, depending on your country of citizenship. The work permit is valid for two years, after which the foreign caregiver can apply for permanent immigration to Canada. At this stage you can include your kids and spouse (if any).


4411-Home child care providers care for children on an ongoing or short-term basis. They care for the well-being and physical and social development of children, assist parents with child care and may assist with household duties.
4412- Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations. Home support workers provide personal care and companionship for seniors, persons with disabilities and convalescent clients. Care is provided within the client's residence, in which the home support worker may also reside.