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Mother’s pride Nannies are famed worldwide for their exceptional training, flexible approach and professionalism. Discover the Mother’s pride nannies Academy. Best Nannies to fit your family needs. MPNA Nannies are one of the most flexible forms of Childcare and Old age care available for you and your family. You can stipulate hours to fit your family needs, employ a temporary nanny for your holiday or a maternity nurse to work with you when you first bring your baby home. All MPNA Nannies are taught to have a flexible approach to their practice meaning they work with you to bring up your children how you want to, in line with best practice standards.

Mother’s Pride Nannies academy


Mother’s Pride Nannies Academy provides practical and comprehensive childcare and Old Age care related courses designed to train and educate Nannies, AU pairs, Babysitters and Child minders. We offer reasonably priced online and offline training, which allows our students to study anytime and anywhere. Our courses are designed by a team of experts including child psychologists, nutritionists, teachers, pediatrics, nurses and SEN specialists who are committed to maintaining high standards and staying up-to-date in the field of childcare. Mother’s Pride Nannies Academy is passionate about empowering and raising the standards of child care and Old age care as professionals in their fields.


To engage the community in providing volunteer services to improve the lives of seniors, Childcare caregivers, and adults with disabilities. A community where people of all ages are connected, valued and cared for.In everything we do, we will conduct ourselves with integrity, caring, and compassion.


Gold-Rated training that produces exceptional early years Professionals.

Internationally accredited curriculum available to nannies worldwide. A reputation for the very best childcare for decades . Mothers pride nannies academy have been world-famous for producing the very best early years practitioners. Intensive training that blends theory and practice Mothers pride Nannies undergo rigorous training and earn two qualifications as CHILD CARE PROVIDER and OLD AGE CARE PROVIDER.
COURSE MODULES: HOME NURSING, CPR TRAINING, CHILDCARE & INFANT CARE, FIRST AID [RED CROSS], PLAY SCHOOL [CRECHE], OLD CARE-OLDAGE HOME, PHYSICAL DISABILITY TRAINING, MENTALLY DISABILITY TRAINING, YOGA PHYSIOTHERAPY AND MEDITATION, CHILD ABUSE, AUTISM, DRUG DEADDICTION WORKSHOPS, Charity & community, Spoken English ,PD &IELTS,FOREIGN LANGUAGES At Mothers pride nannies academy we manage special batches for working and house wives and provide PG /hostel facilities. There is special Inaugural discounts for nursing students.